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Tuesday, July 4


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Williamstown, VIC – Australia

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Defense Contractor and Shipbuilder BAE Systems is scaling back it’s operations at the Williamstown Shipyard, presenting a great opportunity to purchase large scale maintenance and material handling equipment.


• Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC-600 Submerged Arc Welder, with Lincoln Electric LT-7 Tractor, 415 volt
• Lincoln Electric Idealarc DC-600 AC Arc Welder, 415 volt
• Multiple Fronius TransPuls Synergic 4000 MIG Welders with Fronius VR 4000 4R/G/W/E remote wire feeders, 415 volt
• Multiple Cigweld Transmig 400SP MIG Welders with Cigweld SP4000G Dockyard wire feeders, 415 volt
• Lincoln Electric Power Wave 455M/STT MIG Welder with Lincoln Electric Powerfeed 10M remote wire feed, 415 volt
• Lincoln Electric Invertec STT II MIG Welder with Lincoln Electric LN-742 remote wire feed, 415 volt
• Koster & Co Koco 905i Stud Welder with Koster & CO K22 stud welding gun, 415 volt
• Koster & Co Koco 1500E Stud Welder, 415 volt
• Multiple Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG Welders with Bernard 3502SS cooling units, 415 volt
• Multiple Cigweld Professional Transtig 300AC/DC TIG Welders, some with Abicor Binzel BWC-3A cooling units, 415 volt
• Crate of Assorted Welder Parts, including wire spool holders, 4x stud welding guns with leads, wire spool covers, circuits, etc.
• Crate of Assorted Welder Parts/Consumables, including 3M Speedglas Adflo breathing consumables, welder PCB’s trolley wheels, 3M battery charger, heating blankets, etc.
• Pallet of Assorted MIG Welding Wire, including Tetra V 316L-G/1.2mm, WIA Austfil 70C-6m/1.2mm, Cigweld Autocraft 316LSi/0,9mm, Oerlikon Citoflux R26/1.2mm, Lincoln Electric Cor-A-Rosta P-309L/1.2mm.
• Pallet of Assorted Submerged Arc Welding Wire, including 9x Lincoln Electric L-61/4.8mm & 10x Esab OK Autrod 12.22/2.4mm.
• Pallet of Assorted TIG Welding Filler Rods, including Cigweld Comweld AL 5356/2.4mm, Cigweld Comweld LW1-6/2.4mm, Cigweld Comweld 316L/2.4mm, Prosilver 56T/2.5mm, etc.


• LifeGuard 34 Generator Switchboards, 415VAC, 50-60Hz, multiple RCD’s & circuit breakers, 10/15A 240V single phase outlets, 415V 3 phase outlets & lighting outlets, mounted on galvanised steel frame.
• LifeGuard 17 Portable Power Distribution Assemblies, 415VAC, 50-60Hz, multiple RCD’s & circuit breakers, 10/15A 240V single phase outlets, 415V 3 phase outlets & lighting outlets.
• Emergency & Work Lights, LifeGuard, crate lots of assorted emergency & work fluorescent lights.
• Pallet lot of Lifeguard LG6 Portable Socket Outlet Assemblies, 6x 240V, 10A/15A outlets, RCD, fitted with lead.


• Fuel Storage Tank, Iapesa, LFD7500P, (S/N: LF120120), 7500L, steel construction, single manway, Lifting legs, unused, approx. 3400mm (L) x 1800mm (D).


EVZ Danum Engineering Tow Vehicle Bi-Directional Yard Dog Trailer, manufactured 7/2010, 2x steerable axles, hydraulic over-run brakes with park, pintle hook couplings, galvanised steel I-beam construction, deck approx. 11m x 2.8m, 10 Tonne SWL, 7.2 Tonne tare, LED tail lights, wheel chocks, KHitch 10 stud axles, 300-15 20ply pneumatic types.
• Manual Gas Cylinder Hoists
• Manual Hydraulic Materials Hoists
• Manual Hydraulic Platform Lift Trollies
• Manual Hydraulic Engine Hoist
• Pallet Bunds
• Sheet Stock Trollies
• IBC’s
• Crate lots of Docking Rope


• Brobo S350D Cold Cut Saw, 350mm blade diameter, 415 volt, 2x roller feed tables
• Waldown Type 2M Pedestal Drill Press, 415 volt
• Servex HP100 n100 ton hydraulic press
• Knaack & 1-11 Locakable Site Tool Boxes, single door, steel construction
• Heavy Duty Welding Benches, some with 60mm plate steel tops & vices
• Adjustable Workstands
• Blower & Ventilation Fans
• Refrigerated Drinking Fountains
• 415V & 240V extension leads
• Assorted Air & Suction Hose
• Spill Kits
• Assorted Sundries including Shovels, Workshop Vacuum Cleaners, Brooms, Rubbish Bins


• (3) 10ft Shipping/Storage Containers, internal wiring & lighting.
• 20ft Shipping Container Workshop, fitted with single roller door, universal double ended pedestal grinder, 2x workshop benches, 1x bench vice, fume extraction system.
• 6ft Shipping Container, internally fitted with horizontal bracing bars, fluorescent light, switch and 2x 240V outlets, approx. 1800mm high, with 1x tambour cabinet, 1500mm (h).
• (2) 8ft Shipping/Storage Containers, 1 with internal wiring & lighting.


• Boat on Trailer, Approx. 7m Long, with two axle dog trailer (overall approx. 8m long).
• Savage 380 Jabiru Aluminium Dinghy, approx. 3.8m length, max 25HP, “White Rabbit 2”.
• Quintrex Aluminium Flat Bottom Punt, approx. 3.0m length, with 2x timber oars.


• Relocatable Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Station with Water Fountain, steel construction, fitted with Pratt emergency eye wash & shower, 240V Aqua Cooler water fountain, weather resistant twin 600mm fluorescent light, wired & plumbed, lifting lugs, overall approx. 1400mm (w) x 800mm (d) x 2800mm (h).
• Smokers Shed, Fabricated steel construction, forklift pockets, bench, sheet metal roof and back, overall approx. 3000mm (W) x 1700mm (D) x 2200mm (H).
• Temporary Roof Structure, All steel bolted frame, steel roof sheeting, overall approx. 14.7m (w) x 5.46m (d), 2.45/3.5m (h), approx. 4000kg, safety perimeter railing.

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Welders, Power Distribution Boards, Lighting, Shipping Containers, Boats, Material Handling, Workshop Equipment & More

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