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Specifications for a cut-sheet, all-electric, multiple-station, rotary-motion vacuum thermoformer designed and manufactured by Brown Machine, LLC. A horizontal rotating wheel indexes the cut-to-size sheets through the load/unload station, heat and form stations.


Maximum Mold Size to be Utilized: Within Specification Maximum Depth of Draw: Within Specification
Minimum Sheet Width: Within Specification
Maximum Sheet Width: Within Specification
Product: Vacuum / Pressure / Twin Sheet Product
Material Type: HDPE & others
Minimum Material Thickness: .040
Maximum Material Thickness: .500


The first character of the model designation, the letter R, signifies a rotary thermoformed.
The second character, a number, signifies the number of form station platens.
The third character, a number, signifies the number of oven heater banks.
The fourth character, a number, signifies the number of stations the machine has, thus the number of indexes the wheel makes to complete a full rotation.
The fifth character, is the letter E, signifies the platens are electric motor actuated.
The sixth character, a letter, signifies that it has a pressurized form station.
The seventh and eight characters, letters, signifies that it has twin sheet capabilities.
The last characters, numbers, signify the max mold dimensions in feet.


4.1 Dimensions (approximate)
Maximum mold size: 114″ x 210″
Maximum sheet size: 116″ x 212″
Oven size: 120″ x 216″
Std. top platen stroke: 60″
Depth of draw above sheetline 15″
Std. bottom platen stroke: 60″
Depth of draw above sheetline 28″
Maximum sheet sag clearance 28″
Daylight:(top/bottom closed dimension) 10″ / 10″
Sheetline to floor: 128″
Height to the top of the gear posts: 256″
Height to the top of the machine frame: 188″
Height to the top of the gearbox and motor: 256″
Footprint: 50’x 50’
Door opening: 15’ wide x 14’ high

4.2 Electrical
4.2.1 Main power : 480/3/60 VAC
4.2.2 Control power 24VDC
4.2.3 Approximate max. amp load: 3,000 amps with two separate drops
4.3 Air Requirements
4.3.1 2″ air supply at 80 psi (5.5 bar) (minimum) is required.
4.3.2 Air supply must be clean and dry.
4.3.3 Specific requirements for each cycle will vary according to forming routine, depth of draw, mold cavity size, and part cycle time.
4.4 Colors
4.4.1 Machine Frame: Buckskin (Dark Olive Green)
4.4.2 Guard Frame: Beige
4.4.3 Guard Grid: Black
4.4.4 Electrical Enclosures: Beige
4.4.5 Face of Operator Console: Black Textured Vinyl

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2008 Brown Machine Model R-244ETS-917
Replacement Cost of Over 3 Million Dollars

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