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**By Appointment Only**


**By Appointment Only**


Quebec, Canada


For more information contact John Coelho via Email: [email protected] or call (617) 523-5866

Sale Details

2003 Bianco SK3 Dry Slitter

2002 Terrot S-296-1-BW Knitting Machine, Single Knit Lycra Jersey Open Width, Cylinder Size 30, Cut 28, Feeds 96, S/N 29933

2000 Terrot UCC-548-T Knitting Machine, Electronic Jacquard, Double Jersey w/ 2 or 3 Way Technique

Merrow Butt Seam Sewing Machines

1998 Monfort Relax Dryer, Model Dynair, 4 Chambers, Dryer Thermal Oil Heated, S/N 47168256, w/ Thermal Oil Boiler, 3.2 mbtu

1998 Calator Fabric Inspection Machine, Type 2000, S/N 1298272

Verivide Color Matching Light Box

1999 Monti Spot Tacking Machine, Model 1500 M, Type Cas-2190, S/N 990280

Lot Modular Steel Laboratory Furniture (Upper Cabinets Attached to Wall)