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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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Lavingotn, NSW – Australia

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2 x CNC Shaving Machine, 2003, Gleason Hurth, ZS-150
4 x CNC Shaving Machine, 1997, Gleason Hurth, ZS 150 CNC
Gear Hobbing Machine, 2003, Liebherr, LC-80
2 x CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, 2003, Gleason, Phoenix 125GH
8 x CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, 1997, Gleason, Phoenix 125GH
2 x CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, 2000 & 1999, Gleason Pfauter, GP200S
3 x CNC Gear Shaping Machine, Lorenz, LS-154F
Gear Shaping Machine, 1981, Lorenz, LS-150
2 x CNC Gear Deburring Machine, 2003, Gleason Hurth, ZEA-4
Gear Hone, 1999, Sanyo, GTI-1AB
CNC Honing Machine, 2003, Nagel, 3-HS-6-30T
Gear Honing Machine, 1983, Churchill, SAH-10
Honing Machine, Horizontal, Nagel, 3VS-6-30
Gear Chamfering Machine, Red Ring, PGCA-10
Gear Honing Machine, 1983, Churchill, SAH10
Tooth Round and Pointing Machine, 1972, Red Ring, TRP-12
Gear Chamferer, 26618, 2tc6
5 x Gear Chamfering Machines, Red Ring
8 x Red Ring Gear Checkers
4 x Red Ring Roll Testers
Periform Shaving Sharpener
Shaver Cutter Grinder, Hurth, SRS400
Broaching Machine, Vertical, Colonial, Msd-15-66
Broaching Machine, Vertical, Colonial, Vertical
3 x Broaching Machine, Vertical, La Pointe
Broaching Machine, Vertical, 1990, Nachi


2 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 2002, Mori Seiki, DL-151MC
CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 2003, Mori Seiki, MT2500SZ/1500
3 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 2003 & 2002, Mori Seiki, RL2500
3 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 2003 & 2002, Mori Seiki, SL-204MC
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 2003, Mori Seiki, SL-204/500
CNC Lathe, Mori Seiki, SL-3H
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 2008, Hyundai Kia Machine, SKT 100
CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1997, Mazak, Multiplex 625 Mark II
CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 2002, Mazak, Multiplex 6200
4 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1997 & 1994 , Mazak, Multiplex 620 Mark II
CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1992, Mazak, Multiplex 620
3 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1997 – 1992, Mazak, Multiplex 610
2 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1997, Mazak, Multiplex 420
6 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1998, Mazak, Multiplex 420 Mark II
4 x CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 1997, Mazak, Multiplex 410
CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 37595, Mazak, Quick Turn 200
CNC Lathe, 2012, Mazak, Quick Turn QT-15N-U
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Mazak, Quick Turn QT-18N-U
5 x CNC Lathes, Mazak, Quick Turn 18N
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 1994, Mazak, Super Quick Turn 10MS
CNC Lathe, 2003, Okuma, Simulturn LU-300
2 x CNC Lathes, Single Spindle, 2002, Okuma, Space Turn LB250T
CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, 2002, Okuma, LFS12-2SP
3 x CNC Lathes, Single Spindle, Okuma, Space Turn LB250T
CNC Drilling & Tapping Machine, Okuma, DCC-15
5 x CNC Lathe, Twin Turret, Okuma, LU15
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LCC15-2S
2 x CNC Lathe, Twin Turret, Okuma, LU15-M
2 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LB15II
2 x CNC Lathe, Twin Turret, Okuma, LC20-2ST
3 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LC20-2SC
2 x Okuma LC20 CNC Lathe, Okuma, LC20
6 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LB10
CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LB15
3 x CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Okuma, LP15
CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, 2004, Okuma, LC30
CNC Lathe, 2002, Okuma, LFS10 2SP
CNC Lathe, 1997, Okuma, LU15
3 x CNC Lathe, Kitako, VT4-350


3 x CNC Machining Centre, Horizontal, Mitsui Seiki, HU63A
CNC Machining Centre, Horizontal, 2003, Mori Seiki, SH-JR
2 x Machining Center, Vertical, 1997, Mori Seiki, M-300A1
Machining Center, Vertical, Mori Seiki, Partner M-300L2
6 x Mori Seiki SH-50 Horizontal Machining Centers, 1997
2 x Linear Pallet Pool Systems, 1997, Mori Seiki, SH-50LPP
CNC Maching Center, Horizontal, 1998, Mitsubishi, M-H4B
CNC Machining Centre, Horizontal, Yasda, YBM-70N-63
Machining Center, Vertical, 2003, Mori Seiki, NV5000A/40
3 x CNC Machining Center, Vertical, Kitamura, Mycenter 2XI
CNC Machining Centre, Vertical, 1993 & 1992, Mazak, VTC-41L
Gun Drill, 2003, Miroku, MBDG-300-8SNC
CNC Taper Drill & Tap Machine, 1997, Mori Seiki, TV400
Gun Drill, 1997, Miroku, MIG-200
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 2004, Shigiya, GPL-30.60
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 2006, Shigiya, GPC-30B.40
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 2002, Okuma, GA-36FII
5 x CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 2002, Shigiya, GAC-30B.40
6 x CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 1997, Shigiya, GAC-30.40
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 1993, Shigiya, GN-30B.100S
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 1997, Shigiya, GP-30B.40ND2
Internal Grinding Machine, Reinecker, ISAPAIID
4 x CNC Bore & Face Grinding Machine, Reinecker, ISA 200 CNC
2 x Reinecker IPASA-200 CNC Internal Grinding Machine
CNC Centerless Grinding Machine, 1997, Micron, MD-450 CNC
2 x Centerless Grinding Machine, 1972, Cincinnati, 2-OM
2 x Centerless Grinding Machine, 1967, Cincinnati, 220-8
2 x Centerless Grinding Machine, 1967, Cincinnati, 340-20
Centerless Grinding Machine, 1978, Cincinnati, 3-300
Universal Grinding Machine, Browne & Sharp, 1460
Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 1982, Toyoda, G006-32X100
Universal Grinding Machine, Jones & Shipman, 1305
Universal Grinding Machine, 1977, Jones & Shipman, 1300
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Norton, FBW501102
Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Norton
Cylindrical Grinding Machine, 1982, Toyoda, G006-32X100
Surface Grinder, Browne & Sharp, 818
Rotary Table Grinding Machine, 1983, Mattison, 60
2 x Waldown Center Hole Grinding Machine, 1976
Center Hole Lap
3 x Water Deburring Machine, 2001, Fabro, Custom
Water Deburring Machine, Valiant, Custom
Multiple Rumbler Vibratory Deburring Machines, Mass Finish
BTR Deburrer
Fred Small Wire Buff, Fred Small
Tape Super Finishing Machine, 1996, Fabro, Gisholt 51
Tape Super Finishing Machine, Impco, 182
Tape Super Finishing Machine, 1997, Fabro
Honing Machine, Vertical, Gehring, 1Z-150 -324 VHE 250
Center Hole Lap, Jones & Shipman, No. 1
Rotary Hydrolapping Machine, Norton, No.36


Franna UC-15 15 Tonne Crane, 2002, Franna, UC-15
Boom-Lift Work Platform, 2008, SILVERAGEL 32/21
5000kg Fork Lift Truck, Hyster, H5.00XL
Nissan 1t? Forklift, 34669, Nissan, KAPR02A25V
Nissan 25 Forklift, Nissan, KAPH02A25U
Nissan 25 Forklift APJ02A25U, Nissan, PJ02A25U
Nissan 25 Forklift PJO2025U, Nissan, PJ02A25U
Clark ST40B Pedestrian forklift, 29934, Clark, St40b
Nissan 2.5t Forklift, 1996, Nissan, KAPH02A25U
Crown Electric Stacker, Crown, 15B57
Electric Stacker, 15857
Tennant 8210 Combined Sweeper/Scrubber, Tennant, 8210
Tennant type 528 sweeper scrubber, Tennant, 528
Tennant 265 Sweeper/Scrubber, Tennant, 265
Elect. Powered Truck
Dalmec Loader, Dalmec
Spring loaded pallet lifter
2 Spring Loaded Pallet Lifters
Gantry Crane
Loading Ramp for Forklift Access
2 x Palift Pallet Lifter Torque Co


Ipsen Furnace – Precharge Conv, 2003, Ipsen, DL-56X37X60-8-G
Lindberg Tempering Furnace, 37960, Lindberg, AM3048AX612
Furnace Woodall Duck Twin Lane, 1971, Woodall, MC-038
Wessburg Martin Furnace, Wessburg
Transformers (3), ID: 9011, Location: Back shed
Westinghouse Transformer 750 kva (Schnieder Electric)
RX Gas Generator #1, S2-RX
RX Gas Generator #2, S2-RX
RX Gas Generator #4, S2-RX
Duck RX Gas Generator No. 3, S2-RX
Atlas Copco GA 608 Compressor Pack, Atlas Copco, GA 608
Ingersoll XLE Compressor
Champion Marathon VOC90 Rotary Screw Compressor including receiver 2010, Champion
Kaeser Airtower 8 Screw compressor including receiver , 2006, Kaeser
Ingersol Rand Air Compressor, 1971, Ingersoll Rand, XLE
Compressor, 1972, XLE, S/N: 8JH1318
Coolant Tanks
Effluent Plant Envirotech, Custom
Hoffman Coolant Filter System, Hoffman
Hoffman Filter Coolant System, Hoffman
Heat Treat Cooling Tower, 2003
BAC Cooling Tower, BAC, Vxi50-3R
2 FRP Open Type Cooling Towers
Hoffman VAC-W-90 Coolant System
Hot oil system


Drilling Station, Kingsbury, Custom , 6 station
Drilling Station, Special Purpose, Unbranded (Custom Built), 4x vertical spindles
Drilling Station, Special Purpose, 28466, Unbranded (Custom Built), 3x vertical spindles
0.5″ Servian Bench Drill, 1970, Servian
Bench drill, Lcn14, S/N: 17037
Column Type Drilling Machine
Drilling Station, 24812, Kirby, 3x horizontal spindle
NC Drilling Station, Kirby
First LCN-14 Bench Drill, Lcn-14
CNC Lathe, Single Spindle, Victor, 1
CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle, Vertical, Kitako, VT4-350
Axcel High Pressure Deburr-no pump, Axcel, S/N: 2038
Borer, Horizontal, 1987, Heald, 424A Borematic
Borer, Horizontal, ?, Herbert, Ultrafin 21H
Boring Machine, Horizontal, 25542, Ex-Cell-O, 731
Boring Machine, Horizontal, Ex-Cell-O, 2112
Boring Machine, Vertical, Ex-Cell-O, 731
Boring Machine, Horizontal, Heald, Red Head 221A
Excello Borematic, 26639
Colchester Mascot 1600 Centre Lathe, 1971
Dean Smith & Grace 1307 Lathe
Methacrylate Sealant (Thermocure) Station , 1989, Ultraseal, PC504, S/N: 2200
Thermojet High Pressure Conveyor Wash, 40856, Thermojet, 6090
Milton Dunk Wash
Hanwha EOL Washing Line FWD 6 speed, 2011
Thermojet Wash, 35769, Thermojet, 603-1.5
Thermojet Spray Wash
Milton Phosphate Wash, Milton
Milton Spray Wash, Milton, 1
Top Work Monoset Grinder, 25536
Top Work M-40 Tool & Cutter Grinder
Cincinnati Monoset Tool & Cutter Grinder
Cincinnati No2 Tool & Cutter Grinder
Cincinnati tool & cutter grinder, 22229
Grinding & Lapping Machine, Abwood, CG.2A
Belt Linishing Machine
Linishall Belt Grinder MCD
Cincinnati No2 Tool & Cutter Grinder, 1972
Cincinnati Monoset Tool & Cutter Grinder, 1973
Makino C-40 Universal Tool & cutter Grinder, Makino, C-40
Servo Press, installed 2010, Drill-it Engineering
CPE Press C2 Clutch Cylinder – speed sensor ring, 2010
Assembly Machine, 40882, CPE
Servo Press, Installed 2011, Drill-it Engineering
Servo Press, Installed 2011, Drill-it Engineering
Press, Straightening, 1982, Galdabini, RPRSCAN 20T
Hydraulic Press, 1988, Galbadini, Scan 12
Staking Press, 2001, Fabro
Pin Press, Vertical, 1998, Fabro
Hydraulic Press, Hydropower
Fabro Plug Press, 38328, Fabro
3 x Hydraulic Presses, Shand
Mills Bush Press
2 x Hydraulic Press, Mills
Screw Press, Electric, JH Shand, 8 ton
C C Press, No 2
BTR Press roll deburring, BTR
Hydro Power Bush Press
Assembly Press Bleed Valve
10 Tonne Hydraulic Press, 10 ton
Bush Press-Loctite
Arbor press
Enerpac – hydraulic presses
Arbor press, 30285, No1
Staking Press, Installed 2011, Fabro
Cylinder Piston Presses, 2010
Press FWD Maincase Line Drillt


Ammonia System
ADT Hot Oil System
Microtecnica Projector, Microtecnica, LM8
Microtecnica Projector
Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Projector
Brown & Sharp Reflex 454 CMM
Brown & Sharp Validator CMM
George Fischer ZM-80 Face & Centering Machine
Sharpless Centrifuge
Furnace Base Trays, 10,000kg
Varian Chromatograph Meter
Marposs Elect Gauging Equip
Marposs Optical Gauge
Granite surface bench, 1000x1000mm
Granite surface plate 450×300
Granite surface plate 610×460
Ignyte precision granite surface, Ignyte
Advanced Digital Technology ADT X-ray Welding Inspection System
Magnetic Sorting Bridge
Leco Press, Leco
Leco Vari Cut Saw
Alnor type 7000 Dew Pointer
Axyos TS 606/2 Bod Incubator
Buehler Mounting press D
Grant Sub Aqua 2S Plus Unstirred Water Bath
Janke Kunkel Rotovator
Karl Fisher KF652 (Coulometer) Meter
Labglass Cascade 3lt Distill Water Still
Metaserv Universal polisher
Monsanto Tensometer Machine
Programmer digital recorder Electronic Processors
Qualtex Oven
Siemens 631 Programmer
Spindle Test Machine
Union F/optic microscope & light
UPA Dermitron Thickness Tester
1200mm sq surface plate
Illinois Tool Works Helical Lead Checker
Auto Audiometer
Metaserv Specimen Polisher
Lindberg laboratory Box Furnace
Amatek Hydra-lite Dead weight Pressure Tester
Hommel surface tester
SPM T2001 shock pulse tester
Qualtex Oven, Qualtex Oven
Binder Oven, Binder Oven
2253 Laboratory, Type 2253
Sartorius 300g Laboratory balance
Sartorius Ba110s Analytical balance
Toledo 500kg Scales
Wedderburn Teraoka Weigh Count Scale
Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer
Varian AA1475 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Gallenkamp Viscometer Bath
Granite Surface Tables
Avery Hydraulic test machine
Krautkramer Branson Ultrasonic Flaw detector Ultrasonic, Typ USM 3S
Krautkramer USK 7 Ultrasonic
Gallay Lab 200 Series Dishwasher
Taylor Hobson Talyrond 31


Assembly Machine, 40882, CPE
End of line Dyno for FWD, including gantry loader (Dynamometer) CNC Design
Assembly line for C2/3 clutch Andrew Engineering, 40884
Fabro Leak Tester, 37590, Fabro, LS1840
Sumitomo Coretec Leak Tester, 37962, Sumitomo, L-4710
Coretec Leak Tester, Coretec, L-3028
FWD valve body function tester
Assembly line – Inner valve, manual station Six (6) units CPE, 40884
AT & T Dyno Tester
Dynamometer Hot Oil Ret
Manual dynamometer
Advanced Technology & Testing AT & T Tester Clutch
AT & T Dyno Tester
C1 Cylinder Leak Tester/Piston RWD
C2 Cylinder Leak tester/Piston Rwd Andrew Engineering
C3 Cylinder leak tester/Piston siamesed with 5933
Drill-it Helium Water Dunk Leak tester
Helium Leak tester
Maincase Leak Testing Machine
AT & T Tester Valve Body
Binar Elektronik IVF Oil Test
Schott Gerate Viscom Meter
Instron Test machine, Universal
Avery Vickers Hardness Tester shaft Assembly Leak Tester , 2009
Crib Point Leak Tester, 35771, Crib
Leak Test machine
Applied Leak Tester for C1/C2 FWD, 40884
ATW Pump assembly test stand, 2006
ATW Upper and lower test stand, 2006
Dowel Pin Checker


Massive Assortment of Machine Tools, Cutting Pieces, Attachments, Accessories Etc


Huge Amount of Assorted Trolleys, Benches, Shelving & Racking Etc


Large Qty of Machine Specific Attachments and Accessories sold separate from CNC Machines


Large Qty of Machine shop equipment including Swarf Bins, Racks, Power & Hand Tools & Much More

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Gear Machining, CNC Lathes, Machining Centres, Metrology, Laboratory and General Engineering Equipment & Much More

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