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Tuesday, August 14


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Los Angeles, CA

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In 2017, Keslow Camera – the largest privately held motion picture camera equipment rental house in North America – announced the acquisition of Clairmont Camera and its Vancouver and Toronto operations.


The move more than quadrupled Keslow Camera’s anamorphic and vintage lens inventory and added a substantial range of custom camera equipment to the company’s extensive portfolio. The acquisition resulted in some equipment redundancies.


Tiger Group in Cooperation with Hilco Industrial are pleased to announce their final auction of the acquired assets from Keslow Camera. The equipment available has been subjected to the same high-caliber quality control standards that both Keslow and Clairmont Camera have been known for; this is the finest offering of excess equipment EVER available in the market.


Don’t Miss Out!


Over 185 High Quality Lenses

35mm Prime Lenses – Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9 Individual Lenses and Sets (14mm/16mm/20mm/24mm/28mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/65mm/85mm/100mm/135mm), Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 Individual Lenses and Sets (8mm/14mm/16mm/20mm/24mm/28mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/100mm/135mm), Cooke S4 T2.0 (14mm/18mm/21mm/25mm/27mm/32mm/40mm/50mm/75mm/100mm/135mm)

Zeiss CP-2 Compact Prime T2.9 (25mm/35mm/50mm/85mm), Zeiss Superspeed Primes T1.3 (18mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/85mm)

Zeiss ZE EF Mount 3.6 (18mm/21/mm/28mm/28mm/35mm/35mm/50mm/85mm)

35mm Zoom Lenses – (6) Angenieux Optimo T2.2 17-80mm, (7) Angenieux HR T3.5 25-250mm, Angenieux Zoom T2.9 20-120mm, (2) Angenieux Zoom T2.9 17-102mm, Angenieux Optimo DP T2.8 16-42mm, Angenieux Optimo DP T2.8 30-80mm, Cooke T3 18-100mm T3, Canon Century T6.7 150-600mm

Telephoto & Specialty Lenses – (2) Nikkor T2.8 400mm, Nikkor T2.0 300mm, (7) Nikkor T2.0 200mm, Nikkor Fisheye T2.8 8mm, Zeiss ZE EF Mount Lens F2 Macro 100mm, Canon 200mm Macro Lens T4.5, 50mm T2.1 Zeiss CP-2 Compact Prime Macro

16mm Prime Lenses – Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.3 Individual Lenses and Sets (6mm/8mm/9.5mm/12mm/14mm), Zeiss Super Speed T1.3 Individual Lenses and Sets (9.5mm/12mm/16mm/25mm/50mm), Plus lenses from Elite, Panther and Century

16mm Zoom Lenses – Canon T2.4 8-64mm, (2) Canon T2.5 11-165mm, Canon T2.7 10.6-180mm, Canon T2.7 6.6-66mm

2/3 Prime & Zoom Lenses – Fujinon HD 16mm, 34mm and 54mm Prime Lenses; Angeniuex 7.5-158mm, Canon 7.5-157mm HD, (5) Canon 7.5-158mm T2.1 HD, (4) Canon 4.7-52mm T2.1 HD, Canon 5.5-44mm, Fujinon HD T1.8 10-100mm, Fujinon HD 5-50mm


(6) Sony PMW-F55, (2) Sony F65RS, (3) Arri Alexa Studio, Panasonic Lumix GH4, (2) Sony a75 Digital Cameras, Canon EOS C300, Canon EOS C500


Heads – (4) Cartoni C-40 Dutch, Cartoni Signma, Sachtler 65 Studio, (5) Sachtler 7+7 Studio, Sachtler 80 Studio, (2) Sachtler Dutch, (3) Weaver/Steadman Tilt Modules, Bazooka System

Follow Focus & Slider – Over (60) Pieces Featuring: Arri FF-3 Kits, O’Connor Cine Follow Focus 1 Kits, Preston FI+Z Kits, Willytec & Zacuto Kits, O’Connor 25/75 Fluid Head, Cineped 4′ Roto Slider w/case

Matte Boxes – (7) Arri MB-14 (6×6), (7) MB-14W (6×6), (2) MB-18 (4×5), MB-19 (4×5), MMB-1 (4×5)

Wireless – (7) Boxx Meridian Transmitters/Receivers, Tilta WVT-01 Transmitters / WVT-01 & WVT-02 Receivers

16mm Magazines – (15) Arri 16SR III 400′ High Speed & Time Code Magazines


Sony PVM-740 7.4″ OLED, Sony PVM-X300 30″ 4K LCD, BVM-E250 24.5″ OLED, Panasonic BT-LH Monitors (7.9″, 9″, 17″, 25″, 26″), Small HD 2403 24″ HDR, Small HD DP6 5.6″, BON BSM-183H 18.5″ LCD, Leader LV5770 6.5″ Multi SDI, Transvideo 6″ Cine HD 3D View, Transvideo Starlite HD5-a 5″ OLED, TV Logic LVM-241W 24″ HD LCD, TV Logic XVM-175W 17″ HD LCD, TV Logic LVM-071W & 074W 7″ HD LCD, TV Logic VFM-056WP 5.6″ HP LCD


Over 350 pieces of media featuring: Sony S25 SR – 1TB, Sony S55 SR – 512GB, Sony S24 AXS – 512GB, Sony SxS Pro – 64GB & 32GB, REDMAG 1.8″ SSD – 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, Gemini 1.8″ SSD – 512GB, RED One Compact Flash – 16GB & 8GB, CFAST 2.0 – 120GB

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Prime & Zoom Lenses, Telephoto & Specialty Lenses, Cameras, Follow Focus Kits, Matte Boxes, Wireless Transmitters/Receivers, Magazines, Monitors, Media and Lots More…

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