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Date & Time

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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Arbuckle, CA

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Yard Information:

7085 Eddy Rd Arbuckle, California 95912


Yard Contact: Brooks Graul, 713-444-3062, Wayne Hecht, 954-445-5707,


Note: Yard is at the back section of a series of shared yards. The rig yard is unmanned and locked. Only Liquidity Services or Tiger Group personnel can provide access.


LOADOUT: Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners will coordinate & establish a loadout schedule for Buyers. Yard is not equipped for loadout. Buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for all loadout . Buyer loadout must be complete by March 15, 2018.


LOT TERMS: Inspection is available Tuesday, March 13th. Please contact Tiger Liquidity Services Energy Partners Yard Contacts to schedule alternate inspection date.


CONDITION OF SALE: All assets sold through Liquidity Services marketplaces are sold Ex Works. Each described asset is sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS", and "IN PLACE", without recourse. The purchaser acknowledges that each asset purchased was examined and inspected prior to purchase or that the buyer has waived its opportunity to inspect the asset, that there has been no covenant of warranty, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise with regard to liability, merchantability or operational condition of any asset purchased. Safety devices: Articles purchased may not incorporate approved activating mechanisms or operation safety devices.
- Buyers are responsible for all load out charges unless otherwise stated on Yard Information.
- Buyers MUST pick up all equipment by the Pickup Deadline as stated on Yard Information. Failure of the Winning Buyer to pick up equipment by that deadline is a breach of the contract with the Seller, and the Buyer loses all rights to the equipment and the monies paid for the equipment as liquidated damages for the Seller.
- NOTICE TO FREIGHT COMPANY: All freight must be billed to the Sold To Party. Neither Liquidity Services, Inc. nor any of its subsidiaries (collectively “Liquidity Services”) will be held responsible for any freight charges. Liquidity Services is not the shipper nor the exporter unless specified otherwise by Liquidity Services in writing, and should not be referred to as such on any transportation, export or import documentation.
- The User Terms and Condition Agreement are incorporated herein by reference, as are the terms and conditions contained within the lot description(s).
- Tax Information: Canadian GST # 835125584 RT0001


Disputes: Buyers must notify Liquidity Services of any dispute regarding the quantity or other aspects of lot(s) purchased within 18 calendar days from the invoice date for lots located in the contiguous United States and within 25 calendar days of the invoice date for lots located outside of the contiguous United States. All disputes must include documentation of the dispute confirmed in writing by Seller or Seller’s representative that was present when the lot(s) was/were removed.


Sale Details

RIG 108

1 Lot of Drilling Rig, Thermasource Rig 108, 20,000ft Drilling Depth Rating, with 1,000hp MP-16 Pumps, 2-Tank Mud System, 2,000hp OIME Drawworks, SCR Unit with (3) Caterpillar 3512C Diesel Engine Generators, Rotary Table, Kelly, Tanks, Traveling Blocks, Swivel, 500Ton Hook, Accumulator, Dog House, Caterpillar C15 Diesel Engine Auxiliary Generator, Instrumentation, & Drill Pipe

Additional Info

Rig 108 – 20,000 ft Drilling Depth Rating, with Pumps, Mud System, Drawworks, SCR Unit, Generators, Rotary Table, Kelly, Tanks, Traveling Blocks, Swivel, Hook, Accumulator, Dog House, Instrumentation & Drill Pipe

Sale Partner


Contact James Thurman: (713) 590-1442 or