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El Dorado Oil and Gas

Date & Time

Now Accepting Offers


**By Appointment Only**


**By Appointment Only**


Nordheim, TX



For more information, contact Trey Valentino via Email: [email protected] or call (832) 722-0288.


To Contact Tiger, please email [email protected] or call (805) 497-4999.


Sale Details


Bankruptcy Case No. 23-51715-JAW – Sale Subject to Bankruptcy Court Approval


Well Classification:

Bulk Oil/Gas, Peak Gas Production 60 MMscfd, Peak Oil Production 4,500 BOPD


Facility Production Concept:

Gas can be processed through a single train consisting of Slug Catcher, H2S Treating, Dehydration and Metering. Condensate can be processed through a single liquid train consisting of a Condensate Surge Tank, LP Separator, Oil Treaters, Oil Storage and LACT Unites for truck loading. Flash gas is compressed and injected into the high-pressure gas stream. Tank vapors can also be recovered and compressed. Product water is separated and removed at the wellpads. A smokeless flare stack can handle fare and relief gas.



    • Slug Catcher Design: 1 unit, 100 MMscf/d / 5,000 BLPD
    • Dehydrator Unit Skid Design: 4 units, 15 MMscf/d
    • Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Skid Design: 1 unit, 0.7 MMscf/d
    • Two-5,000 barrel Crude/NGL tanks
    • Two LACT Units
    • NGL Bullet Design: 1 unit, 30,000 gallon
    • Security fenced, electric gates, LED lights, 750 KVA Transformer

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Nordheim, TX





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