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Date & Time

October 28, 2017


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1. All Bids received by the Agent will be considered irrevocable offers which may not be withdrawn until acted upon by the Agent and may not be contingent upon: (i) Obtaining financing or the completion of additional due diligence; (ii) Board approval or; (iii) Any other conditions other than such other conditions expressly approved, in writing by the Agent. 2. The Property is sold on an “As Is” “Where Is” basis. Agent has made all reasonable efforts to compile supporting data for the Property, and although information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, Agent makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, representations or warranties as to quality, condition, accuracy, completeness, exclusive or non-exclusive rights to use, description, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or warranty against patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret infringement. 3. Purchase of the Property is limited to information contained on each list and does not include any contractual relationships, or any product or items associated with any specific customer or supplier. 4. Agent has made all reasonable efforts to compile supporting data for the Property. Agent does not make any representations or guarantees as to its accuracy, completeness or the exclusive or non-exclusive rights to use the Property. All information provided by the Agent has been prepared solely for the convenience of potential bidders to assist them in their determination of whether they wish to bid for the Property. It is assumed that any bidder has done his or her own due diligence and as such, your bid is not conditional upon due diligence. It is also acknowledged by each prospective bidder that the Agent does not make any warranties or representations and that any and all representations or warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed; 5. Successful bidder(s) not completing payment within the aforementioned time period will forfeit their deposits and any monies collected as liquidated damages. 6. Deposits on all rejected bids will be returned within five business days after the Agent’s determination of the successful bidder(s). 7. By submission of a Qualified Bid, a bidder shall be deemed to acknowledge that (i) bidder had an opportunity to inspect and examine the Property included in the Lot(s) on which it bid and to review available documents with respect to such Property prior to making its offer, (ii) that such bidder relied solely on its own investigation and inspection of such Property in making its offer, (iii) in the event bidder submits a bid without inspection or performing its own due diligence, it does so at its own risk, (iv) such bidder is not relying upon any written or oral statements, representations or warranties of the Agent, or any of their agents or representatives, and (v) bids are not contingent upon any further due diligence once submitted. 8. The Agent is not bound to accept the highest or any offer and reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all bids. If in Company and Agent’s determination, no acceptable bids are received by the Bid Deadline, Agent reserves the right to postpone the sale to a future date. 9. All purchases must be paid in full before Agent will release any Property. 10. All fees or costs associated with any of the Property, including, but are not limited to transfers and registration fees to the successful bidder(s) are the sole responsibility of the successful bidder(s). 11. Any bids submitted that are subject to, or include, any warranties, limitations, removal extensions, right of return, break-up fee, expense reimbursement or any terms or conditions, not already contained in the Bid Procedures will fail to qualify as a Qualified Bid and will be rejected. ]

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“Banner Glass” Name, Telephone Numbers and Website is available for Immediate Sale. For details, Click Here to Contact Andy Babcock

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Click the ‘Register to Bid’ link above and complete the registration form – your bidder number will be emailed to you for use at this auction. Please be certain to review the Terms of Sale, along with any Sale Specific Terms before registering.

You must provide a credit card, which will be authorized for $300 to secure your bids; Please note that your card must have sufficient credit to be authorized for 25% of your purchases as you continue to bid. If you plan on spending more than $10,000 please contact the Auctioneer prior to the auction to ensure no bidding interruption.

$5000 minimum deposit is required prior to the auction for international bidders. Auctioneer may not be able to respond timely to registration requests on the day of sale, we recommend registering the day prior to the auction.

All deposits made by cashier’s check, wire transfer or firm and personal check accompanied with a bank letter of guarantee will be returned within 7 days unless purchases are made.


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Enter a maximum of what you are willing to pay next to “Place max bid” and submit. – The system will start your bid at the lowest available increment and bid for you.

You can place multiple bids by entering all your max bids on each lot then scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on “Place multiple bids” however, changing pages without clicking on “Place multiple bids” will clear your bids on the previous page.


Credit Cards on file will be charged at the end of the Sale plus a 15% buyer’s premium and Sales Tax unless you are purchasing for resale and have completed and returned a resale certificate before the conclusion of the auction. Balances in excess of $10,000 must be settled by cashier’s check or wire transfer received by Tiger by 12:00 pm the day following the auction.



Buyer is responsible to arrange to have its purchased Items packed, insured, rigged, moved or shipped, and shall accept full responsibility for all labor, materials and costs necessary to complete its removal, as well as any damages, losses, acts or omissions related to Buyer’s removal of purchased Items from the sale site.

If you are purchasing from out of the area, you may send a 3rd party shipping company to remove your items. Appointments are mandatory. Be sure to email your preferred pickup time within the posted schedule after you have won your last auction item.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All items are sold “as-is, where-is” with no guarantees or representations. All Sales Are Final. Buyers are recommended to inspect items before they bid.