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02febBroens CNC Engineering & Manufacturing EquipmentSale Format:Timed Online AuctionClosed Sale Status:ClosedDate & Time:Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Location:Ingleburn, NSW More Info:2008 Breton CNC Fly Mill 1000 2t, 2003 Breton CNC Machining Centre Matrix 800, CNC Lathes, CNC Mills / Borers, CNC Gantry Production Mills & CNC Machining Centres


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Ingleburn, NSW


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CNC Mill, Breton , Model: Fly Mill 1000 2T, Serial Number: 41124, Date of Manufacture: 2008, X-2.5m, Y-4.5m, Z-1.0m, 30 Tool carousel with Heidenhain CNC control console, Computer control, Electrical cabinets, Underground swarf conveyors



CNC Machining Centre, Breton, Model: Matrix 800 K252T, Serial Number: 11250, Date of Manufacture: 2003, 5 Axis, Hi-speed, 25000 RPM Spindle, X-2500mm, Y-2000mm, Z-800mm, Load-10 tonne/m2, Selca S404PD controller with remote control, 30 Tool, Full set tools



CNC Lathe, Mazak , Model: Integrex 300-IV Inte300-4, Serial Number: 200905, Date of Manufacture: 2007 (Dec), Mazak Mazatrol Matrix CNC controller, With “Voice Advisor” Install date: January 2008 With tsubaki Swarf conveyor

CNC Lathe, Okuma , Model: Space Turn LB400-M, Serial Number: 116931

CNC Lathe, Gildemeister, Model: NEF400, Serial Number: 0171000149A, Date of Manufacture: 2005, 8 Head tool changer, with CNC console

CNC Slant Bed Lathe, Okuma, Model: LU15, Serial Number: 07040271, Date of Manufacture: 1995, Twin turret, 8+11 lool, Full set tools, 350mm diameter x600mm, Swarf conveyor



CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU70, Serial Number: 15435713184, Date of Manufacture: 2007 with Heidenhain iTNC530 CNC control console and pendant control, 16 head tool carousel

CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU50, Serial Number: 11415544794, Date of Manufacture: 2005 with 16 head tool changer carousel, Heidenhain iTNC350 CNC mill control console, Pendant control

CNC Mill, Deckel Maho, Model: DMU35, Serial Number: 11065358344, Date of Manufacture: 2005 with Heidenhain CNC control console pendant control

CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine, Zayer, Model: KM6000, Serial Number: 61027, Date of Manufacture: 1993, X-4800mm, Y-1200mm, Z-2000mm, Heidenhain 407 CNC controller, 6m T-slot bed, Swarf conveyor

CNC Horizontal Borer, Toshiba Shibaura, Model: BTD 110 R16, Serial Number: 143835, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 60 Tool, X-2000mm, Y-1500mm, Z-1450mm, W-500mm, Traveling bed, Tosnuc model T888 controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Horizontal Borer, Toshiba Shibaura, Model: BTD200QE, Serial Number: 441684, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 60 Tool, X-1200mm, Y-800mm, Z-700mm, W-400mm, 2.5 Tonne, Traveling bed, Tosnuc model T777 controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Milling and Boring Machine, Mitsubishi, Model: M-HT 11/1618, Serial Number: G51900, Date of Manufacture: 1998, 40 Tool, X-2000mm, Y-2000mm, Z-1300mm, Fanuc 15-MB controller with pendant control, Meiji airpax, Compressor, Dryer & Swarf conveyor

CNC Bed Milling Machine, Nicolas Correa, Model: CF20/20, Serial Number: 9691706, Date of Manufacture: 1996, Model UF20 head, Heidenhain 426 controller, X-800mm, Y-800mm, Z-2000mm

CNC Bed Milling Machine, Nicolas Correa, Model: CF22/25, Serial Number: 9670301, Date of Manufacture: 1996, Model U22 head, Heidenhain controller



Twin Gantry Travelling CNC Production Mill, approx 18m x 3m Bed, Special purpose built machine, Broens refurb/design of 2 Toshiba Shibaura V3-2500B machines, 2 Sets Fanuc controls twin head, 5 axis traveling operators control platforms

CNC Production Mill , Custom Built Traveling Gantry, Approx 15m x 5.5m bed, 2.5m vertical capacity, Broens manufactured from SNK mill traveling operators platform, Heidenhain CNC control console



Horizontal Machining Centre, Mitsui Seiki, Model: HU80A, Serial Number: 116, Fanuc 16-M CNC control twin pallet feeder, Swarf conveyor, with associated power supplies, Operators platforms

CNC Verticial Machining Centre, Makino, Model: V55, Serial Number: V55-A25,251-97-7, Date of Manufacture: 1997, 25 Tool, Pro 3 controller, With swarf conveyor

CNC Vertical Machining Centre, Mitsubishi, Model: M-V70E, Serial Number: CV6341, Date of Manufacture: 1998, 24 tool, 1259 x 700 x 1350mm, 12,000 RPM, Fanuc KR-32D controller, Swarf conveyor

CNC Machining Centre, Okuma, Model: MC-5VA, Serial Number: 61050399, Date of Manufacture: 1986, 20 Tool, 500 x 1049 x 512mm, Okuma OSP 5000M-G controller

Vertical Precision Machining Centre, Mitsubishi, Model: M-VS 20/15, Serial Number: Q51430, Date of Manufacture: 1998, Double column, 30 Tool changer, 4200 x 2000 x 1350mm, 15 Tonne, 8,000 RPM, Fanuc KR32D controller, Enhanced 5 face machining capability, Including Comg CLD110-8.5D Reapro compressor/dryer, Approx 4.8 x 1.8 traveling bed

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