Sale FormatLive Webcast AuctionClosed Sale StatusClosedExcess Inventory No Longer Needed For Operations450,000 SQ.FT. BAKERY DOUGH PRODUCTION PLANTDate & Time3-DAY AUCTION February 16, 21 & 22 LocationNew Albany, IN More InfoFeaturing Liquid Processing, Blending, Bulk Processing & Shortening Equipment, Parts, Maintenance & Plant Support Plus...Refrigerated Warehouse for Immediate Sale

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3-DAY AUCTION February 16, 21 & 22


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New Albany, IN

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(2) 2012 TMCI Padovan Type 317-A1PM Continuous Shortening System with 45kW Nord DriveSystems Motor, Stephan Universal Machine TK 850 Mixer, (3) Shaffer Jacketed Bowl Dough Mixers, (4) JH Day Hercules Type B Jacketed Bowl Dough Mixers, Joy Mixer Dual Screw Stainless Steel Ice Feeder, Ice Blender with Pinned Blending Shaft and Bottom Trough Screw Grinder, Stainless Steel Chute Screw Feeder, Chute Screw Grinder, Turn Head Feeder and Much More…


Powder Product Solutions Ribbon Blender with Triple Helix Ribbons, (2) Jacketed Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders with Double Helix Ribbons, (2) Jacketed Ribbon Blenders with Helical Ribbons, Marion Mixers Ribbon Blender with Helical Ribbons, Stainless Steel Jacketed Ribbon Blender with Double Helix Ribbons, (2) Scott Equipment Jacketed Ribbon Blenders with Double Helix Ribbons, Stainless Steel Jacketed Ribbon Blender Single Helix Ribbon, Jacketed Ribbon Blender, Scott Equipment Jacketed Ribbon Blender and Much More…


Stainless Steel Flat Bottom/Top Tank Non-Jacketed Stainless Steel Dish Bottom Dome Top Jacketed Tank APV, Crepaco Jacketed Stainless Steel Mix Tank, Jacketed Stainless Steel Mix Tank, Stainless Steel Mixing/Transfer Skid, Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Stainless Steel Non-Jacketed Mix Tank, Stainless Steel Non-Jacketed Mix Tank Dome Top Sloped Bottom Non-Agitated, Stainless Steel Jacketed Tan. Dish To, Cone Bottom Non-Agitated, Stainless Steel Holding Tank Dome Top Non-Agitated, (2) Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tanks Dome Top Cone Bottom Top Mounted Blade Sweep Agitation, Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank Dome Top Cone Bottom Top Mounted Blade Sweep Agitation, (2) Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks Dome Top Dish Bottom Top Mounted Single Shaft Agitation, APV Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank Dome Top Flat Bottom Top Mounted Single Shaft Agitation, Stainless Steel Tank Flat Bottom Flat Top Top Mounted Single Shaft Agitation, Stainless Steel Sanitation Tank Flat Top Cone Bottom Non-Agitated, Centrifugal Pump, Stainless Steel Mix Tank Flat Hinged Top Sloped Bottom Top Mounted Single Shaft Prop Agitation, Stainless Steel Tank Dome Top Cone Bottom Non-Agitated with Discharge Rotary Feeder, Stainless Steel Tank Dome Top Dish Bottom Non-Agitated, Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank Non-Jacketed Dome Top Dish Bottom, Non-Agitated Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle Flat Hinged Top Mounted Blade Sweep Agitation, (2) Carbon Steel Liquid Ammonia Pressure Vessels Hot Water Tank Cone Bottom (4) Insulated Ammonia Tanks, Horizontal Ammonia Pressure Vessel, Water Storage Day Tank with VRTX Pumping System and Much More…


Breddo Likqifier Model 32XL Liquefier 40 HP Stainless Steel Cylindrical Liquefier


(13) Waukesha & Ampco Positive Displacement Pumps, (2) Diaphragm Pump, (20) Centrifugal Pumps, Centrifugal Glycol Pump, 50 HP, Centrifugal Recirculation Pump, (4) Kinney 60 HP Vacuum Pumps, (2) Hermetic Pumps, Vacuum Pump, Unused Portable Filtration Pump, New Portable Hydraulic Transfer Pump Unit and Much More…


(12) Stainless Steel Ingredient Bins with Top Mounted Baghouses, (4) Stainless Steel Eccentric Conical Bins, (4) Stainless Steel Conical Bins, (6) Stainless Steel Eccentric Silo Type Conical Ingredient Bins, Stainless Steel Conical Bin with Rotary Valve, (2) Stainless Steel Conical Bin, (35) Stainless Steel Eccentric Conical Bins, MAC Equipment Stainless Steel Conical Hopper, MAC Concentric Conical Stainless Steel Hopper w/ Slide Gate Valve, Cylindrical Dust Collector Bin with Bottom Trough Hopper, Stainless Steel Conical Hopper with Top Mounted Sweep Agitation, Stainless Steel Eccentric Conical Hopper with Flat Top, (14) Stainless Steel Hoppers, (14) Stainless Steel Eccentric Conical Hoppers and Much More…


(17) Rotex Screener/Sifters, Kason Model 248-1-99 Vibrating Screen Separator Serial Number L-2846, Great Western Manufacturing Sifter and Much More…


Powder Process Solutions Bran Super Sack Unloader with Stainless Steel Hopper Includes Top Mounted Lifting Hoist, (4) Flexicon Super Sack Unloader with Paddle Massage Unloading Assist Includes Top Mounted Tolley Beam Hoist, (2) Super Sack Unloading Station with Top Mounted Lifting Hoist.


Stainless Steel Baghouse with Dump Station and Slide Gate Valve, Stainless Steel Cylindrical Baghouse with 2 HP Screw Feeder (2) Baghouse Filter Systems, (2) Stainless Steel Cylindrical Dust Collectors, (2) Powder Process Solutions Cylindrical Dust Collectors, MAC Stainless Steel Rectangular Dust Collector with Dump Station and Sifting Screen, Rectangular Dust Collector with Conical Discharge and Rotary Valve, Stainless Steel Cylindrical Dust Collector with Conical Discharge and Rotary Valve, (3) Micro-Pulse Air Dust Collector, (6) Dust Collectors, and Much More…


(2) Powder Process Solutions 20 HP Blower Packages, (2) 60 HP Blower Packages, (8) Gardner-Denver 60 HP Blower Packages, (3) Twin City Fan & Blower R25 TBR-N Blowers, (2) Twin City Fan & Blowers, (14) Blower Packages, Boedecker Company Model DFL 4518 40 HP Pressure Blower Package. Equipment Number BL-01004, Vacuum Blower Skid, (2) Buffalo Forge Fans and Much More…


2010 GEA Model LWC 150S BYF-300 Plate/Frame Heat Exchanger with 144 Plates, (2) Alfa Laval Model A15-BWFD Plate/Frame Heat Exchanger, (6) Contherm Scrape Heat Exchangers, FES 8WP A1-1 Plate/Frame Heat Exchanger, (20 Plate/Frame Heat Exchangers, Skidded Systems, (2) Safeline Conveyor Type Metal Detector, (2) Safeline Mettler Toledo Flow Through In-Line Metal Detector, Rodamacher 3-Roller Dough Extruder, Tube-Ice Model P344L-50TA-LAB5-46NC-00L Automatic Sized Ice Machine 3 HP Water Pump 2 HP Cutter, VRTX Water Treatment Skid Includes Main Pump & Booster Pump, (2) Air Accumulation Tanks, Water Filter, and Vortex Mixing System, Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter, VRTX Vortex Pumping System, Parker Dual Bed Series Nitrogen Generator, Rosedale Products D16-30-4F-1-150-SB 8 Dual Filters. Rated to 150 PSIG. Serial Number FU37005, Stainless Steel Topping Spray Hood with Vacuum Connections, Dual Vent Stainless Steel CO2 Tunnel Hood, Dough Roller Bars, Sugar Grinder, COP Sink with Pump and E-Stop Panel, Stainless Steel COP Sink with (2) Pumps, Ice Bin, Ice Hopper and Much More…


National Sheet Metal Brake, Niagara Stomp Shear, Sheet Metal Roller Machine, Sand Blasting Booth, Clausing Drill Press, Bandsaw Model 510, Daiten 350XSR Welder, Hypertherm Powermax 1250 G3 Series Plasma Cutting System, Grinder, Idealarc 250 Welding Machine, (2) Miller Synchrowave 250 DX Welding Machines, Miller Generator/Welding Machine, (3) Miller Dialarc HP Welding Machines, Press Machine, Dake Press Machine, Drill Press, Electrical Equipment, (20) MCC & VFD Rooms, Switch Room For Super Sacks and Rotex Machines, (15) Disconnect Electrical Boxes, Manning Systems Ammonia Sensing Equipment and Control Boxes and Much More…


(2) Elgin 24 Valve Filling Stations, Karl Kisters Type X090111003 Shrink Wrapping Machine, (7) 2011 AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor SV/SVM Spiral Conveying Tower, Alvey 881 Palletizer, (7) Alvey Series 300 Palletizers, (6) Nordson ProBlue 10 Adhesive Machines, (4) Lantech Pallet Wrappers, (7) Accumulation Tables, Colborne Manufacturing BD530 Barrel Lift Station, (2) Tilt Lock Film Rolling Systems, (2) Eagle Tall X-Ray Machines, (18) Pallet Pall Ergonomic Pallet Stands/Lifts and Much More…


(9) Vilter Single Screw Type Ammonia Compressors, (6) Vilter Reciprocating Type Ammonia Compressors, Cameron Turbo Air 2000 250 HP Centrifugal Air Compressor, (2) Cameron 500 HP Centrifugal Air Compressor, (7) Ingersoll Rand Model SS3F2-GM 2 HP Portable Compressors, 2005 Sahara Model HC-4500 Twin Tower Air Dryer Package Includes Liquid Cooled Heat Exchanger, Deltech Model HB 101-J6 Hydrobloc Air Dryer and Much More…


Nissan Model MCP1B2l25E Side Shift Forklift, Nissan Electric Fork Truck with Hawker Battery, Nissan Enduro 30 Propane Fork Truck, (5) Workforce TomCAT, (24) Electric Manlifts, 2106 Genie Model GS-3246 Manlift, 700 LB Maximum Working Load, (6) Handy Herman Model 24D Manlifts, (2) Genie Manlifts, (19) Electric Pallet Jacks Various Brands, (19) Battery Chargers, (10) Forklift/Pallet Jack Batteries, Honda EM5000A 5KVA Generator, (2) Two Ton Bridge Crane, 1/2 Ton Manual Floor Mounted Jib Crane, Yale Trolley Hoist, Stainless Steel Toledo Scale, Doran Model 4100 Stainless Steel Scale, (2) Alkota Pressure Washer, Tuff Pressure Washer, Stainless Steel Barrel Washer, (16) Heat Wagon Model I-36 Fans, (4) Steam Heaters, (6) Turnbull Steam Heaters, (3) Electric Floor Buffers, Rotary Lift Fork Truck Maintenance Lift Station, Portable Wheeled Ladders, Miscellaneous Spare Parts, (70) Sections of Spare Parts Drawers, Pumps, Motors, Blower Heads, Valves and Much More…


450,000 Sq. Ft. Dough Production Facility for Immediate Sale, Electrics, Refrigeration and More …
For More Information Contact Greg Schain at [email protected]

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Featuring Liquid Processing, Blending, Bulk Processing & Shortening Equipment, Parts, Maintenance & Plant Support Plus…
Refrigerated Warehouse for Immediate Sale

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