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Thank you for Registering to use the Tiger Online Auction System. Please complete and submit this registration form. Fields marked * are required.


By Completing this Registration, you are agreeing to the Complete Terms & Conditions of the Auction, as well as sale specific terms which may vary by auction. You are responsible to consult each auction's listing for specific terms.

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Credit Card Requirements

How to avoid bidding interruption

Upon submitting you first bid, your Credit Card will be Authorized for the initial deposit amount as posted for the particular auction. To ensure successful bidding, please be certain:

  • the address provided below matches the billing address for the credit card
  • you provide an accurate ccv code (the additional 3 digits printed on your credit card)
  • you have sufficient credit on your card for the initial authorization
  • for spending in excess of $2,000 you have sufficient room on the card for additional authorizations

As an added security measure, all new bidders are required

to verify their email address prior to registering.