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Inaeris Technologies has created a proprietary technology platform that transforms non-food, cellulosic biomass into drop-in transportation fuel blendstocks. Their technology is flexible and can be commercialized either as a stand-alone facility or as an addition to an existing facility, such as one that already processes biomass (a pulp/paper mill) or produces fuels (a petroleum refinery).

Solids Lab Including:

• Buchi R124 rotavapor
• Micromeritics ASAP2420 surface area and porosity analyzer
• Micromeritics surface area and porosity analyzer
• Axios panalytical x-ray unit
• Spex SamplePrep 8000m mixer/mill
• Carver 8x8 press
• Malvern Hydro2000G particle size analyzer
• IKA mixer
• Malvern Scirocco 2000 particle size analyzer
• Sindie 7039XR sulfur analyzer
• Sindie OTG sulfur analyzer

Process Research Unit (“PRU”):

• (4) IKA mixers
• Fisher isotemp vacuum oven
• Thermo thermolyne furnace
• MTI vacuum oven
• Fisher isotemp furnace
• Thermo Legend X1 centrifuges
• Cold flow simulation unit with Coperion gravimetric and volumetric feeders
• Catalyst attrition units
• Hiden QIC-20 with cat lab
• 2 Liter Parr reactor, 316 Stainless Steel, 1900 psi, with 4848 controller

Plastic Catalyst Attrition Unit:

• Agilent 7890A GC
• ATZ steamer unit with (4) pods, electrical heaters
• (3) PRU units each with ATS reactor, powder feeder, condensers, gas analyzer, Agilent 7890A GC and Horiba VA-3000 gas analyzer
• Multiple hand-held inspection units and instruments

Main Plant Area:

• Bartlet and Snow alstrom calciner, 6" diameter x60' hot zone, bellows, screw feeder, 14" cooling zone, (4) zone control panel, hammer mill
• 30 HP Quincy QSB30 air compressor with dryer and air tank
• 6" Sturtevant micronizer, Stainless Steel with Schenck feeder on stand
• 24" Sweco screen, single deck
• Chicago Boiler horizontal media mill, model CU4, jacketed, 15 hp
• 5 Gal Autoclave Engineers autoclave
• Paul O Abbé ribbon blender, 1 cu ft, Stainless Steel, model hm1
• NETZSCH™ LABSTAR1 media mill, new 2012
• Spray drying system
• Vulcan furnace
• Hydrogen booster compressor pump

HT pilot plant building:

• Agilent 6890N GC
• Autoclave Engineers autoclave, 5000 psi
• Zeton 5 bed hydratreater unit
• Ventec 2 bed hydratreater, (ventec no longer in busness)
• (2) Zeton FCC (fluid cracking catalyst) units, modified for solids process not liquid process • Agilent 7890A GC
• 18" Sweco screen
• Thermo centrifuge
• (3) Agilent 7890A GC units

Demonstration Plant:

• Magnetic separator
• Screener
• Bliss wet mill
• Direct fired Roto- Louver dryer with cyclone and dust collector
• Bliss dry mill
• Large storage silo
• Zeton 1/50 size FCC unit
• PCC RTO thermal oxidizer, gas fired
• Fulton boiler, electric heated, 308 btu/hour
• Ventec 7 bed hydratreater with recycle compressor, hydrogen compressor, cross exchange and exchanger, w/hydro cracking capability

Fractionator Building:

• 6" fractionator column, approx. 50' high with main column, (2) side strippers, associated heat exchangers, pumps, receivers and feed tanks
• Compressor general hydro carbon unit for demo unit
• Hammer mills
• (2) 40" Sweco
• (2) Retsch mill with K-TRON feeder

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For More Information

Contact: John Coelho by calling +1-617-523-5866 or email:

For More Information

Contact: John Coelho by calling +1-617-523-5866 or email:

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