Online Webcast Auction

By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court…


Tremendous Offering of State-of-the-Art
Sound Mixing, Editing & Recording Equipment
as well as Film, Video & Digital Theater Equipment
Network & IT Equipment and Support of Company’s
Lantana, Burbank, Seward & Hollywood Facilities


October 7 & 8


10:30am (PT)

Day 1: Lot 1000 – 2315
Approximately 1200 Lots
Expected Pace 100-150 Lots/hr

Day 2: Lot 3000 – 6545
Approximately 2500 Lots
Expected Pace 200-250 Lots/hr


Burbank Facility
Lot #: 1000 to 1947

2901 W Alameda Ave,
Burbank, CA 91505

Fri, Sat & Mon, Oct 3, 4 & 6 from 10am to 4pm (PT)

Fri thru Mon, Oct 10 thru 13 from 9am to 5pm (PT)
**By Appointment Only**

Hollywood Facility
Lot #: 3000 to 3942

7080 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Fri, Sat & Mon, Oct 3, 4 & 6 from 10am to 4pm (PT)

Fri thru Tue, Oct 10 thru 14 from 9am to 5pm (PT)
Closed on Sunday
**By Appointment Only**

Seward & Lantana Facilities Moved
Lot #: 2000 to 2315 & Lot #: 5000 to 6545

1121 Chestnut St
Burbank, CA 91506

Fri, Sat & Mon, Oct 3, 4 & 6 from 10am to 4pm (PT)

Fri thru Tue, Oct 10 thru 14 from 9am to 5pm (PT)
Closed on Sunday
**By Appointment Only**


About the Assets

This is a tremendous sale offering with variety and depth of quantities in every category. The sale will include over 3,000 lots. All equipment that was moved from the company's Seward and Olympic Blvd locations was decommissioned and supervised by former Todd-Soundelux engineers and remains in excellent condition.

ProTools Systems

100's ProTools HD Systems and Components, Including HD Accel, Native and HDX cards, Avid HD MADI Interfaces, Generators, 192 I/O Interfaces, Sync I/O, Sync HD, SSL XL Logic Delta Link MADI Interfaces, Apogee PSX100; (Over 50) Mobile ProTools 10 Systems with roadcase, 192 I/O, Sync, Eurorack Pro Mixers

Avid Digidesign & Other Consoles

Avid Digidesign D-Control, Avid Digidesign D-Command, Digidesign ProControl 8, Digidesign Control 24, Avid C24, Digidesign Command 8, Yamaha O2R, Mackie SR24 VLZ Pro, Mackie HUI, Mackie CR1604VLZ, Argossy Dual operator D-Command desks

Euphonix Consoles

(8) System 5 dual operator Consoles most w/ min. 40 faders, (1) CM 402 expanded channel module, (1 or 2) CM 403 dual joystick and film monitor modules, producers section; (35) DF64 Cores & (4) DF66 Cores, SH612 Studio Hubs, SC263, PC254d, PC254H hybrid Computers, MC524 Monitor Controls

Euphonix Interfaces

100's components including: , MA703 MADI to Analog Converters, AM713 Analog to MADI Converters, FC726 & FC727 Format Converters

Outboard Gear

Aphex 1100 MicPre, Amek Compressor/Limiter, Dolby 363SR, CAT430, DSU4, 363 SR, DA20, DP571, DP572, DP563, DA20; Eventide H4000, H3500, H3000SE DSP4000 & Orville; GML 8200 EQs, 8302 & 8304 Mic Pre & Power Supplies, Lexicon 480L, 960L, PCM90, 80 & 81, 300L & LR4 Digital Effects Processors; TC Electronics System 6000, TC Electronics Fireworx, Wave L2 Ultramaximizer, DBX500, 120A & 120XP Subharmonic Processors, Cedar DNS2000 & 1000, Avalon VT7375P Mic Pre Millennia HV3 Mic Pre, Violet Audio ADP61, LaFont Cinema Filter, Behringer Ultra Curve Pro EQ, TC Electronics TC1128 EQ, ART Pro MPA II Mic Pre, Apogee DA-16, Focusrite Red 1 Mic Pre, Junger B42 De-Esser, Mackie Onyx Blackbird and more


Beyer Dynamic MC833, Sony ECM55B, Neumann KMR81, TLM-170 & U87, Sennheiser MKH416P48, MKH416TF, MKH415T, MKH405, MKH40p48, MKH800, MD421, Scheops CMC6 & CMC4, Shure SM56, SM58, VP64A & Beta57A, Klark technic 6061, Sanken COS-11 & CU-41, MXL 990, B&K 4011, 4006 & 4004; DPA 4003; Soundelux U195, 99, 95 & iFet 7; Sony ECM50 & 23F, EV 635A & RE20, Crown PX-TL Lav and others

Monitors & Loudspeakers

Auratone Cubes, Bag End TA-12, ELF-1, Infra-MXB, S188-D & ELF S18E-C Subwoofers, BMS Hi-Frequency Drivers, Genelec 1031A & 7070a; JBL AM7212, LSR12P, 28P, 8330 Surround, 4637 Cabinets w 2446 Drivers & Others; JBL LSR6332, 6312SP, 4328P & 4312SP Subwoofers, EV TL880d Subwoofers, KROK 9000 & 15 Speakers, M&K MPS2510, 1525 & 150 Speakers & MPS5310 Sub, Dynaudio BM15, BM12A & BM5; KRK Rokit 6, Rokit 5, K-Rok & V8, Tannoy PBM8 & PBM6.5 MK2, System 1000 & Reveal 6", Polk PSW540, 404, 150 & RT521; Blue Sky SAT6.5 MK2 & Sub 12 & 8, Mackie HR824, M Audio BX5a & BX8; TurboSound TSW-124 and more

Amplifiers & Speaker Management

Alesis RA-100, Bryston 9BST, 5BST, 4BST, 4B & 2B Amplifiers, Cinepro 3K6SE, Hafler Pro2400, P3000, P1500, Symetrix 420, JBL 6290, 6260 & 6230 Amps, QSC DCA3022, DCA1644, QX7, EX2500, EX4000, PLX3602, MX3000A, EX1250 & EX800; BGW 750, Behringer HA4700 HP Amp, Mackie M1400, Bag End ELF-1 Processor, Bag End Infra MXB Integrator, DBX Drive Rack 260, Martin Sound MultiMax & RecordistMAX, XTA DP226 and more


Dorrough 400C and Dual Model 40-C2, DK Audio MSD-600M

Audio Recorders & Decoders

Sony PCM-3324S, PCM-3348, Sony DFP-2000, Panasonic 3700 DAT, Tascam DA88

Projection & Displays

PROJECTORS: Barco DP3000, RLM-W8; Christie CP2230, CP2210, CP2000, HD6K; Digital Projection 28SX, Infocus IN5504 DLP; Projection Design F30, DC32, DC30; Sanyo PLCxf45, PLCfx20, Panasonic PTAX200U & PTAX100U, Sanyo PLCXF30 LCD, Mitsubhishi WD330, Sondor FP-38EC 35mm Film Projector; DISPLAYS: (Over 50) Sharp LC70LE734U 70", LC70LE732U 70", Sharp LC65D64U 65", Sharp LC65E77U N 65", Proscan 55LC55S240369 55", Samsung LM52 52", Sharp LC52LE830U 52", Vizio E550 I-B2 50", Panasonic TH-50PF10 50", Sharp LC40D78UN LCD; Sharp 46" LC4677 Display, Panasonic Professional 42" Plasma, Various 46", 42" & 37" Vizio, Sharp, LG, Samsong & Others, Dell U2711B 27", Samsung 2443 High Res Displays, Sony PVM-20L5, Harkness Screens & Stewart Microperf screens

Computers & Networking

(Over 200) Apple Mac Pro Dual & Quad Core, Apple Xraid, Xserve and iMacs, Mac Mini, Juniper EX3200, SA2500 & SSG550M, Lantronix SLC8, Netgear GS748T, 724, HP Procurve 2524, 2324 & 2424 Switches, Sonicwall Pro1260, Dlink DES1026G, Cisco 2960, Acer & Samsung 22" & 24" Monitors and more

Other Audio

Dolby DP 501, 502, 503, 524, 600 Soundmaster Ion Atom and Photons, Comtek Wireless Headphone Systems, Midi Express 128, Apogee AD8000, Fultek Distortion Analyzer, Brainstorm DCD-8, CopyStar CD Duplicator, Denecke TC Counter, Gefen Cat5-5000S, Colin Broad PD1, IHSE Draco Major, IHSE Draco Tera Compact KVM systems, Nvision NV5500 and 4000 chassis, RME ADI- 648, AJA Kona LHE Video Cards, Black Magic Design HD Extreme 3d Video Cards and much more...


Sony DVW-A500, DVW-500P, HDWF500 HDCAM, SRW-5500 HDcamSR & DSR-85, Sony DVR-18 D2 Composite Digital Video; Panasonic AJ-HD3700B, Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD recorder, Leitch FR682 Video Distribution Amps, Endpoint VM-15 HDSDI/HDMI Streamer/Punch Inserter Features

Furniture, Furnishings and Business Equipment

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs and all reception and sound stage sofas, club chairs, furnishings, art work and office furniture from the Burbank facility. Plus, printers, full featured copiers and more...

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Bidders are required to provide credit card information and a $500 initial authorization to secure their bids of up to $2000, if you plan on spending more please contact the Auctioneer prior to the auction regarding payment arrangements. Balances in excess of $10,000 must be settled by cashiers’ check or wire transfer received by Tiger no later than 12pm on Thursday, October 9. Please be certain to review the General Terms of Sale, along with any Sale Specific Terms before registering.


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A Proxy Bid does not affect your ability to bid during the auction.


To pay with a Credit Card, you must fill out a credit card authorization form. Please contact our office prior to auction day. All purchases will include a 15% buyers premium and Sales Tax unless you are purchasing for resale and have completed and returned a resale certificate before the conclusion of the auction. Balances in excess of $10,000 must be settled by cashiers’ check or wire transfer received by Tiger by 12:00 pm on Thursday, October 9.


You are responsible to remove your items during the posted checkout times. If you are purchasing from out of the area, you may send a 3rd party shipping company to remove your items. Bring your own crews, packing materials, material handling equipment, etc. for removal. Appointments are mandatory. Be sure to email your preferred pickup time within the posted schedule after you have won your last auction item.

Registration Deposit

$500 Credit Card Authorization to secure bids of up to $2000. If you plan on spending more please contact the Auctioneer prior to the auction @ 805-497-4999

Credit Card authorizations will place a 3-7 day hold on funds with your credit card company, but will not be charged unless purchases are made.


Full payment is required by 12 noon on Thursday, October 9.

Buyer’s Premium

An 18% Buyer's Premium will be added to the price of each item.


All checkout will be scheduled by appointment only. No checkout will be permitted during the auction sale.

Certificate of Insurance Loss Payees

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Where indicated, certain systems will include an iLok USB Key with appropriate ProTools Licenses. If you wish to transfer licenses to your own iLok account, there will be a $100 third party service fee per lot to facilitate the transfer. This transfer fee is only applicable if you wish to transfer the license to your name (registered buyer) This offer is only available at the time of payment and covers the iLok transfer cost and a handling fee. However, neither Tiger, GA Global or the client shall be responsible for any 3rd party restrictions or costs imposed by the software developer.

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